Working with horses to identify limiting patterns of behaviour.


Team Building

Building a culture of sustainable performance relies on the inclusion and alignment of each individual team member. At S.R.E.A.D. we tailor programs to challenge, support and develop each team member to be the best version of themselves by aligning with their values and recognising barriers to effective behaviour.
Identifying individual strengths and growth edges within a team is paramount to developing cohesion and sustainable performance. In order to survive and thrive, horses fulfill roles within the herd that reflect their strengths and respect the vulnerabilites of other herd members.

The experiential nature of working with horses, not only aligns with adult learning styles, but provides each participant with immediate and accurate feedback for their reflection and consideration.

Exercises during workshops are designed to experiment with new behaviours and ways of communicating to challenge current non-performing cultures and encourage positive group dynamics.


The natural beauty of the Scenic Rim, combined with the calming presence of our majestic horses, make the sessions refreshing, innovative, creative and fun, which organically encourages positive involvement from each individual.

Half day session start at 9am and finish at 12pm and include:-

* Sessions working with horses

* Reflection, discussion and journaling 

* Morning tea and refreshments.

Full-day sessions run from 9am to 4pm and include:-

* Sessions working with horses

* Reflection, discussion and journaling

* Morning and afternoon tea

* Gourmet lunch 

Two day retreat workshops begin at 9am on day one and conclude at 4pm on day two and are packaged to include the following:-

* Sessions working with horses

* Discussion in pairs and groups, reflection and journaling

* Other outdoor team activities/challenges

* Morning/afternoon tea and gourmet lunch on both days, utilising locally sourced produce and prepared by our partner business 'Local Taste Discoveries'.

* Three course gourmet dinner under the stars on our beautiful property in the Scenic Rim.

Packages are designed to suit each organisation's goals, and can include follow up coaching support to embed and integrate key learnings.


Leadership Development

"Leaders aren't born, they are made"  Stachowiak, 2018

Being an effective leader does not constitute technical proficiency. The mark of an effective leader is grafted equally by task proficiency and leadership capabilities that earn respect and trust within your team. 

Often leaders can become bogged down with the demands and pressures of their role. This can cause stress and emotional blocks to connecting with and supporting their team members. Effective teams require leaders with transparent behaviours that forge trusting relations that promote individual leadership.  A team that lacks true cohesion and collaboration, can not effectively achieve sustainable peak performance.

Working with a Leadership coach and a horse herd of natural leaders, can provide an individual with enough insight to recognise "how I appear in another's eyes" and adopt new skills for effective and respectful communication with their team.

At S.R.E.A.D. the outcomes we work toward providing for leaders are: -

  1. Understanding stress and its impact on performance
  2. Evaluating personal effectiveness
  3. Developing alignment and balance between work role and home life
  4. How to give and receive feedback
  5. How to recognise your boundaries
  6. Tools to grow personal and positional leadership.

To make and enquiry about our leadership development or team building programs, please click on the button below, send your detail and I will respond within a day.