Working with horses to identify limiting patterns of behaviour.


Women's Workshops

Do you find yourself being pulled in different directions?

Have you lost connection with your spirituality and core being?

Are you keen to re-connect with your future aspirations and purpose?

Our Women's Workshops are designed to support and honour each women's journey and encourage fun, laughter and self-expression. 

Horses are majestic and sentient beings, often evoking strong feelings and emotions. They bring to the group a natural and non-judgmental mirror, to reflect each person's unique behaviours.  This calm and innovative process will provide you with the insight to assist you to re-connect with the richness, joy and fullness of you.

Some of the outcomes of our workshops can include: -

* Greater embodied awareness

* Connection to core values

* Clarity around future aspirations

* Enhancing relationship skills

* Reducing anxiety

During the workshop you will experience mindfulness exercises, experiential activities with our horses and expression with art.  Morning and afternoon tea together with a healthy, nourishing lunch will be provided and enjoyed in the natural and stunning surrounds of the Scenic Rim mountains. 


"It felt serene, to be surrounded by the beauty of the mountains while bonding and learning with the horses. I felt safe and supported. It has changed my life."  Client.

Day workshops: - start at 9am and conclude at 4pm and includes the following:-

  • Structured activities with the horses
  • Creative and simple experiences with art.
  • Reflection, discussion and journaling
  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Healthy, nourishing lunch enjoyed in the outdoors on our property

Total cost: - $250 per individual. 

Weekend Retreats: -  start at 10.00am Saturday and conclude 11.00am Sunday. Retreats are designed to combine personal development with rest, good food and laughter. The program will include: -

  • Equine Assisted Development work combined with Art Therapy.
  • Light lunch and afternoon gourmet cheese and fruit platter
  • Gourmet dinner under the stars prepared with local produce by our partner company, 'Local Taste Discoveries'.
  • A Scenic Rim food tour/or enjoyable outdoor experience
  • Sunday breakfast using local produce

Accommodation is not included. We will consider accommodating up to 5 adults in our on-site BnB, at an agreed cost. Alternatively, we can  help co-ordinate other accommodation through our local connections.

Total cost for this experience starts from $450 per person.

To make an enquiry about our next day workshop,  click on the 'find out more' button above and we will respond to your request.

To read more about what is involved in these workshops, download the brochure below.

download women's workshop brochure here

Awareness for Wellness brochure (pdf)


Teens and Young Adults Personal Development


  • Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed by life's choices?
  • Do you want to feel more confident as you move forward in life?
  • Do you find yourself lacking in some way by the unrelenting media feed presented by Influencers, Bloggers and Vloggers on Social Media? 

Transitioning into early adulthood can sometimes feel daunting. Negotiating the demands of life without loosing your way can be challenging, sometimes giving rise to anxiety and feelings of isolation.

Working with horses is a unique way to explore your current challenges and future direction. Horses are sensitive and wise creatures, and offer a calm and soothing relational experience.
Finding your way with horses' workshops can help you clear the 'white noise', and re-connect with your inner compass. Allowing our horses to provide non-judgmental, accurate feedback will help you recognise your beliefs and behaviours and identify your strengths and abilities.

Workshops are designed to be sensitive to each individuals' needs, goals and life stages. We at S.R.E.A.D. take this into account when creating our groups.
Each workshop package consists of three workshops, running for one afternoon a fortnight over a 6 week period.  Each workshop will run from 1PM to 4PM,  days will vary for each workshop package. Groups will be capped at 6 participants.

"Working with the horses was an amazing experience. I discovered things about myself I didn't know before. In some sort of way, I found myself, and more importantly, I like what I found"   Former Group Participant.

Total cost for the complete package is $270 (+ GST) and is paid in full at the time of booking.  Tea/coffee; refreshments and a light afternoon tea will be provided at each workshop.

*If you would prefer an individual session, please send an enquiry through our contact page.*