Working with horses to identify limiting patterns of behaviour.

Equine therapy and learning, working with horses to create awareness, acceptance and congrency.

SCENIC RIM EQUINE ASSISTED DEVELOPMENT Counselling | Coaching | Leadership

SCENIC RIM EQUINE ASSISTED DEVELOPMENT Counselling | Coaching | Leadership

SCENIC RIM EQUINE ASSISTED DEVELOPMENT Counselling | Coaching | LeadershipSCENIC RIM EQUINE ASSISTED DEVELOPMENT Counselling | Coaching | Leadership


Discover how horses can help you identify  limiting patterns of  behaviour in yourself, your team, or your relationships.




What does Equine Assisted Development offer?

S.R.E.A.D. offers individual counselling, leadership development and team building programs with the support and assistance of horses. 

Equine Assisted Counselling is an innovative, and experiential approach to counselling that takes place  outdoors with horses. It is a form of animal-assisted therapy that offers safe experiences with horses and the support of a qualified counselor and Equine Assisted Practitioner.

Equine Assisted Learning and Development is a non-therapeutic approach to experiential learning for the purposes of personal or career growth; improving self-awareness and social-emotional skills; professional development and teamwork and working with leaders to grow their skills and strengths for effective and sustainable leadership. Programs are tailor-made around specific learning outcomes for each individual, group, or organisation.

All programs are conducted by a trained and certified practitioner in a safe, and ethically focused environment.  Our facilities are professional and comfortable, offering a corporate room, kitchen facilities, and shower/toilet. The venue is located one hour from Brisbane, on a stunning property situated in the beautiful Scenic Rim


How does it work?

Horses bring a richness and depth to the counselling and personal development setting. They have an ability to sense what we are feeling or thinking and provide us with immediate and accurate feedback. Being instinctively connected to their environment, horses naturally have a heightened sense of awareness and respond uniquely to each individuals' non-verbal communication. This process invites you to observe behavioural and relational patterns or thoughts that may not be serving you well in your personal or professional life. The benefits of this powerful work include greater awareness of the self and others and an opportunity to try new ways of being and communicating,  in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Horses provide you with an authentic connection and accurate feedback which affords you the space and safety to align your thoughts, feelings and actions in a way that promotes living a congruent and connected life.  


Is it right for me?

We work with individuals and groups in a safe, supportive and natural environment. You may be suffering from anxiety or depression or feeling stuck in your life and looking for some personal clarity and direction. We can offer counselling and coaching in a gentle, unique and innovative way that assists and supports you to make changes to improve your life. Working alongside your practitioner  you will begin to deepen your understanding of yourself through your relationship with the horse. S.R.E.A.D. offers services to teenagers, adolescence, and adults on both an individual and group basis and is conducted on our fully equipped property in the beautiful Scenic Rim. 

Our Team

Our team of horses


I have been involved with horses in various capacities since I was 7 years of age. Always sensing the intrinsic value, connection and unconditional love horses afforded me, I am now able to offer this to others.  Having the opportunity to combine my qualifications as a Counselor/Coach and Equine Assisted Therapist with my knowledge and understanding of  horses, gives me great pleasure and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 

After 8 years of running my own busy retail food business, I have learnt the importance of effective leadership. I now appreciate the relevance of leading your staff with authenticity, empowerment, trust, respect, and inclusion. An effective leader is aware of their team members' goals, strengths, growth edges, boundaries, and sense of purpose. 

I am continually surprised at the value horses naturally bring to the counselling and coaching process by modeling, teaching and supporting people to develop their awareness, improve their relationships, grow their personal or positional leadership and restore their well being.

Alice Tait


Bachelor Counselling (Coaching)

Certified Equine Assisted Therapist and Learning Practitioner

Honni Hayton


BAppSc (Psych)
GradDip (Couns)


I am passionate about empowering others to live their best life and have dedicated most of my working career to doing just that. I started my career as a Youth Worker at a crisis shelter for homeless teenagers in Brisbane city. In 2004, after marrying my husband Tony and starting our family, our love for the country lead us to move to the beautiful Scenic Rim.  Since moving to the Scenic Rim, I have run a Private Counselling Practice. I work with individuals, couples and families on a wide range of issues, such as depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties. I utilize different therapies including CBT, Art and EMDR Therapy. I also enjoy working in my local community; presenting seminars on mental health issues and facilitating health and wellbeing groups.
I feel very blessed, that through my work with Scenic Rim Equine Assisted Development, I am also able to combine my love of nature and the outdoors with helping people. The Scenic Rim is a beautiful area, encompassed by an amazing mountain range and wonderful community spirit. I look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful part of the world

Our Location


Our 40 acre property at Mount Alford is nestled in a green valley surrounded by the mountain ranges of the stunning scenic rim. Only 10 minutes south of Boonah, just over an hour from Brisbane CBD and roughly 40 minutes from Ipswich. An easy drive on well maintained bitumen roads. The township of Boonah offers genuine country hospitality and charm. 

Our conference room is fully equipped with comfortable lounge chairs, kitchen and bathroom facilities.


Practitioner's Certifications