Working with horses to identify limiting patterns of behaviour.

Watch this short clip on how horses support humans.


One-on-One Counselling

A Gentle and supportive alternative to room based counselling, offering experiential therapy techniques.

Our sessions involve working with the horses to support people in addressing psychological needs and therapeutic goals. The Equine Assisted Therapy model focuses on raising your awareness of what is occurring for you in mind and body in the present moment. This process deepens your connection with self whilst experiencing authentic connection with the horse. During this process you are able to safely explore behavioural or thought  patterns that are no longer serving you well, with the horse offering non-judgmental acceptance and helpful reflection.   


"I have always suffered from anxiety and have sought various therapists throughout the years. However, when I experienced Scenic Rim's Equine Assisted  Counselling, I felt a rare sense of calmness and tranquility. I also gained ongoing tools to use when my anxiety gets the better of me. I could not recommend Alice enough!"  Ali

Counselling sessions are conducted both in our private rooms, and in the outdoors on our property in Boonah. 

60 to 90 minute sessions cost $150 (+ GST - excluding NDIS participants) per individual and is payable in full at the time of booking. 

*For those people with Medibank Private Health Insurance, you can claim a refund for counselling sessions, if you hold the appropriate extras cover.


Leadership and Team Development

* Is your team lacking a sense of cohesion and collaboration? 

* Is there a need to increase leadership capacities for individuals?

* Is there a lack of effective communication with team members, inhibiting productivity?

Corporate teams and managers can expand their leadership capabilities through innovative and challenging experiences with horses. Our programs are tailored around specific learning outcomes for purposeful workplace integration. Programs are designed to  offer individual leaders and teams memorable and insightful experiential learning activities with horses.

To find out more about how S.R.E.A.D. can develop your team and their leadership capacities click on the button below


Teens and Women's Group Workshops

* Do you want to deepen your self-awareness and recognise your values?

* Do you enjoy personal development?

* Are you looking for some 'you time' whilst trying something new?

Personal development workshops for groups for women, men or adolescence are a memorable way to explore present awareness and experiment with creative expression. Working with horses in a safe and supportive environment will help you step into a more authentic relationship with the self and others.

If you are looking to broaden your perspective, find clarity and direction, or some space to rest and re-charge - click the button below, and learn more about S.R.E.A.D.'s personal development workshops.



"The aim of coaching is to decrease the gap between people's potential, and their current state"  Rogers, 2016

At S.R.E.A.D. we facilitate the space for reflection and contemplation to consider your current position and future direction. This process is heightened by the support and acceptance of our horses, giving you permission to identify and acknowledge your future desires. 

With the respectful encouragement of your qualified coach, you will gain clarity around blocks that are limiting you from moving toward your ideal state. Your coach and horse will challenge you to develop your own resources to find solutions, develop your skills and modify limiting attitudes or behaviours.

S.R.E.A.D. offer the following coaching services:-

* Workplace Coaching

* Life Coaching

  • 60 to 90 minute Equine Assisted Coaching sessions take place at our property in Boonah.
  • In-room coaching, without equine assistance, can also be arranged at a venue of your choice, or remotely using skype, or telephone. To make an enquiry, or book a coaching session, please click on the button below and send your request.